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Coffee Talk Video

Join Lance Fensterman, President of ReedPop and Matt Brown, Managing Partner for CYC Events talking with Holly Zoba about managing events in today’s challenging environment.

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Be Brave Enough To Suck at Something New

What is bootcamp style learning?  I learned this two years ago when I went to a coding bootcamp (and sucked for about five of the six months!).  My modified definition is, frequent, short bursts of activity, that you can do when you want, when you have 15 or 20 minutes to focus on growing your brain.  And then once a week, a small group gets together via the web to practice what they have learned. 

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6 Steps to Easier Prospecting

Before you can find more customers, you need to know who your ideal customers already are. And not just know their names and their production, but who they really are. What are their challenges? How they are measured?How do you fit into their picture? Once you have a clear idea of who your very best customers are — then you can figure out how to identify and target others just like them.

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Automation – Salesperson Friend or Foe?

In my never ending quest to help salespeople automate whatever they can (because used wisely, it is always a friend), I thought I should bring up the concept of lead nurturing. Prospecting emails is one of the most popular topics in my training class, Influencer Sales. I cover some key points around how influencers prospect

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Creepy or Awesome

If you rely on the sales and marketing team to bring you business and then you serve those customers, you might find this app creepy. Or, you might find it creepy even if you are in sales but my guess is, you would still like to try it!

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Never Burn Bridges

I came across this hilarious, amazing song all about the sales process created by Dizzy Bros and just had to share! The lesson here, if you listen to the end – never give up – and never burn bridges! Hope you will enjoy it as much as I have!

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Why We Should Write at an 8th Grade Level

I have a section in my sales training class on business writing where I teach that our target grade level for writing should be between 6th and 8th grade. I am always met with disbelief, shaking heads, and sometimes outright, “I think you might have gotten this one wrong.”

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