Creepy or Awesome?

Creepy or Awesome?

You be the judge.

As a salesperson who prospects a lot, I came across an app that I fell in love with right away.  But when I shared my newfound BFF, some people claimed it was crossing the creepy line.  You decide.

What if I told you you could go into LinkedIn, do a search of people who might likely buy from you (hopefully you are already doing that part) but then when you found an ideal prospect who perhaps you had never met, you could get some accurate tips about how to approach them.  Creepy or awesome?

For example, you could select some advice on the following:

I need to:
Send an email
Have a meeting

In order to:
Make a sales pitch
Schedule a meeting
Make a good impression
Discuss pricing

And then you would get some advice like:

Say or Write this:
At a high level, this is where my product helps the most...
This is where you can really succeed...
This is the more forward way of thinking...

Do this:
React quickly to their feedback.
Provide a high level summary of their value.
Try to keep the conversation focused.

If you wanted to sell to me, this app that I am talking about suggests you do all of those things.

The app is called Crystal Knows and as far as I can tell, she really does.  Here is some info she would share about me:

If you know me, you have figured out that Crystal is pretty accurate.  I have a really big challenge with routine work.  I cannot even drive to the office the same way each day, it bugs me.   I have tested out Crystal Knows on quite a few people and so far, she has never been very off.

So - creepy or awesome?

If I had to wager, (and Crystal Knows says I might have a problem with gambling), I would be willing to bet that you find it awesome if you choose to make your living selling or marketing stuff.  Crafting emails or leaving voicemails for people you don't know can be challenging.  Having some insights about the best way to get them to respond - AWESOME!

If you rely on the sales and marketing team to bring you business and then you serve those customers, you might find it creepy.  Or, you might find it creepy even if you are in sales but my guess is, you would still like to try it!

If you want to test it out, use this link so I can get some free stuff -  (I am not getting paid to write this but I can get some free access!).  To use the LinkedIn process I wrote about, you will need to download the Chrome app.  There is a free trial period of course so you can test it out.

Crystal Knows has other benefits as well - if you are a manager, you can get some insights into how to motivate your people.  And as importantly, how to avoid demotivating them.  If you sign up for Crystal Knows, you can take some more personality tests and learn a bit more about yourself.  But I can already hear my friend Steve who won't have a Ring Doorbell or Alexa because he is certain that people are listening and watching.

The truth is, people are watching and listening, and by giving Crystal Knows more info about your personality, there is more potential for your private data to be exploited.  I really don't want to minimize that risk - just watch the Netflix show around Cambridge Analytica - The Great Hack and you too will disconnect Alexa (but not Siri, let's not be crazy!).  So I am neither endorsing nor condemning this app.  I just thought that you might want to be aware that it exists so you can make your own decision.  What are your thoughts?  Oh, I already know your thoughts, never mind.  Kidding!!!

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