Lead Nurturing Webinar

Lead Nurturing Webinar - November and December Dates Available!

Space is Limited!

Join us for 90 minutes on either November 13 or December 12, 2019 from 11:00 am-12:30 pm eastern to learn about how an automated lead nurturing campaign can help you prospect more, in far less time.

We will cover a little bit of strategy but mostly we will be focusing on some new technology that will make it so easy for you to automate these emails.

What we’ll cover:

The concept behind Lead Nurturing Campaigns.  80% of sales happen after 7-12 contacts – do you have time to send 7 emails to every prospect?

We will cover how to draft an ideal prospecting email – times seven!  And with a little bit of research, you can craft all 7 in about 30 minutes.

Great subject lines – we will talk about several approaches to subject lines that will increase open rates.

Value adds – Every contact you send should add value to your prospects busy day – we will show you how.

Automation – We have found several inexpensive apps to help you automate the process – and we will walk you though one so you can see how simple it can be.  You just set it up and reap the rewards!

There is going to be a lot of pressure for sellers to become better prospectors as the demand begins to flatten in 2020. What you will learn in this 90 minute webinar will help you get ahead of the curve.  We’ll provide you with the concept, the email ideas and the how-to execute.  You will be ready to set up your campaign the next day!

Resources – at the end of the session, we’ll give you access to our resource page which is loaded with additional job aids to help you launch your own campaign the very next day. We have a buyer persona video and sample, a master lead nurturing checklist that will help you set up your first campaign the very next day and seven sample emails.  We also provide a comparison table of 15 different automation apps so you can choose the one that is right for you.

Register Today – Space is Limited!  

Webinar Price – $79

What?  Not free?  I sit through a lot of free webinars that end up spending at least 20 minutes of the hour on a sales call and it frustrates me.  I am charging for this webinar because it is 90 minutes of great, useful information.  Not a sales pitch in sight!   I will give you all the info, all the steps and some great resources to use long after the webinar – for no additional cost!