About Us

Our Approach

We like tech.  We like sales.  We like closing deals.  We felt like there must be a way to combine everything we like so much.  After much research into how people buy today, and how people sell, we discovered there were lots of opportunities to bring technology into sales to making closing deals easier.  That’s our approach.

Our Story

Our founder, Holly Zoba, spent 15 years in the hotel industry – primarily selling hotel rooms and meeting space.  She then spent the next ten years selling training to hotels.  Finally, she went back to school and learned how to write computer code.  An odd mixture perhaps, but the perfect start to our story.  Several years ago, Holly began developing targeted sales training classes for clients who wanted something new.  A way to reach buyers who were no longer picking up the phones.  Instead, most buyers wanted to email, or just send out an RFP.  Salespeople were becoming more and more frustrated with their inability to cultivate and develop relationships with buyers the way they used to. 

People still want to buy from someone they like, they just don’t want to get to you know the same way they used to!  That is when we started to realize that we had to approach buyers in a different way.  Instead of being pushy sellers, we had to take a more consultative approach.  But even before we could do that, we had to start reaching buyers through sharing content – getting them to take notice of how helpful we can be.  It’s a whole new approach and one that has proven to be really effective. 

Holly Zoba, Founder

I spent the first 15 years of my career running hotels for Hospitality Partners and the last ten years developing programs to help hotels increase their sales through digital marketing and employee training at Signature Worldwide. I am also a full stack developer - MERN which means I can write both the front end and back end of a website, if I need to! Currently I was the previous chair and current member of HSMAI Marketing Advisory Board where I get to meet regularly with the great marketing minds of the hospitality industry. In addition to designing the curriculum for Influencer Sales, I also researched the apps that we use in this class, which include things like Trello, Right Relevance, and Adobe Spark. I am a frequent industry speaker and have authored several articles in industry publications.

Amber Anthony Fox, Marketing

I have served over three decades in hospitality with specialized expertise in sales, marketing, training, and leadership. I began at property level sales, moved into management company and brand roles, and most recently consulted my hospitality clients on ways to increase revenue and improve employee performance. I currently sit on the HSMAI Sales Advisory Board and am a liaison to the Revenue Management Board to keep my finger on the pulse of the industry.

Haydn Kramer, Training Executive

From "on the ground" direct sales with Residence Inn by Marriott to an Executive VP of Sales, Haydn has experienced a range of sales assignments across all lodging. He was a pivotal member of Marriott's "Sales 2000" task force of 12 people that virtually reinvented Marriott's approach to "Sales," worldwide. Haydn also directed the first "Large Market Sales Team" in Detroit, Michigan, which cross sold all Marriott's brands for the first time. He is known to have fun while helping teams achieve sales success. He is an expert in sales call process, true sales persistence, and the new advent of Social Media as a critical part of any effective hotel sales platform. He as consulted for Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton and several boutique, independent luxury properties across the United States of America

Michael Civita, Program Manager

In addition to training, I own a property manager company with locations in Pennsylvania, New York and Florida. I was with Signature Worldwide as National Account Manager, and I was responsible for building long-term business strategies with clients in order to create value and help them achieve a return on their training investment. My experience before joining Signature in July of 2000 includes creating the guest services training manual adopted by individual properties within the Hyatt Corporation. I also had an integral part in developing the revenue management system for Hyatt Hotels and Resorts Corporate, which was implemented internationally.

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Scout Simply

Our parent company, Scout Simply, specializes in sales, marketing and technology. Influencer Sales was our first training program that we launched in 2018. Scout Simply does sales audits, teaches a digital marketing fundamentals program and works with clients to help them grow sales and marketing by breaking down the silos between the revenue producing departments.