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Buyers have changed - have you?

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is it the end of the traditional sales role?

According to Gartner Research, by next year, 85% of interactions between businesses will be executed without human interaction.

Sales automation and chat bots are likely to diminish the value of the salesperson.


digital has changed the way we buy and sell

Gardner has projected the percent of job losses in sales by types of sellers:

  1. Order takers (transactional, socialiser, visitor): 33% job loss.
  2. Explainers (tactical, hunter, warrior): 25% job loss.
  3. Navigators (relationship, gatherer): 15% job loss. 

where is the Best chance for growth?

Influencers – One who affects or changes the way that other people behave.

Individuals who have the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of their (real or perceived) authority, knowledge, or relationship.

Our influencer Sales training can help!

The New Path to Purchase


Today’s buyers want to research on their own – they don’t want to talk to a salesperson.  So what are your options?  Hope they eventually knock on your door?  We think you can take some steps to position you as a valuable resource and business adviser.  They will want to talk to you.


When they finally reach out to you – are you ready?  Are you the first to respond?  Do you make a fabulous first impression?  Are you fearless in your approach to win their interest?  You’ve worked hard to get them here, now keep them engaged! 


Buyers today are stressed.  The salesperson who can make the most sense of a solution will win.  Have you been clear in what you can offer?  Have you built a compelling case?  Do you display the confidence you need to assure your buyers?  All of this is what we cover in our Influencer Sales Training program.

What will you learn?

New Strategies

Everything we teach is based on our buyer's new path to purchase. Our goal is to turn salespeople into influencers by teaching them how to add real value at every step along the sales funnel to help buyers make better decisions.

New Technology

We introduce eight different apps (most are free!) that will make the life of a salesperson more engaging and efficient. We cover social apps, writing apps, media production apps - apps we have learned make sellers more compelling.


In all of our programs, you will practice your new skills and technology to make sure you can confidently build better digital relationships with your prospects. Find more prospects, engage more prospects, close more sales.

How will you learn? 3 different options.


We offer our program in a two day, onsite, facilitator led setting.  We recommend a class size between 10-20 participants.  Each class is highly interactive, and new skills learned are put into practice during the session.

web series

We offer the same program in a four part web series.  90 minutes each week, online.  We keep the class size to less than 20.  We offer this program every month as an open enrollment session, or you can bring our web sessions to your own group or company.


We offer this program now as a bootcamp!  It is  self driven via eLearning.  You will engage with our interactive modules at your own pace and time, and then you can join group discussions and engage with a coach for 45 minutes each week in a hands on workshop.

Some thoughts on sales from our blog.

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