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Sales Training Like No Other Influencer sales looks at the skills needed and tools available to close more sales today.  We train our attendees to understand the new buyer behaviors and to adapt their approach based on what their buyer needs - at that moment.  We offer a two day, facilitator led training class or a four part web series to help your team become valuable resources and trusted advisors.  We share new technology that is helping sellers expand their reach.  For more detail on the classes we offer, including pricing, visit our program page.

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"Your program was the best part of our conference - I learned so much that I can use every day." Adam M., Sales Manager
"My LinkedIn SSI score went from 46 to 70 in the last three weeks - thanks to using what I learned in Influencer Sales!" Grace M., Regional Sales Director
"This program has really opened my eyes to what is coming and what I can do to improve how I sell." Robert R., Director of Sales
"Finally a relevant sales training program - thank you!" Cara S., Director of Sales

If you would like to schedule a 30 minute demo – you can do that right now! Here’s our calendar link to make scheduling easy.