Artificial Intelligence and the Hotel Salesperson

Will AI impact the role of the hotel salesperson?  Of course it will.  It will have an impact on all of us eventually – and I for one am excited about it.

New technology is scary to most people, and for good reason.  It is confusing to use, it takes up time no one has to spare, and it always has the possibility of threatening your job or at a minimum, the way you currently perform your job.  That is all unsettling.

But, there is another way of looking at advances in tech and that is, it can actually make your job easier and more interesting.  And best of all, it can actually help you close more sales!  

AI – artificial intelligence – will probably be the biggest help of all to most sellers.  Think of all the tedious stuff you have to do currently to find leads, convert leads and close sales.  Imagine instead if you could just say” Alexa, find me really good leads.”  And that nice Alexa would say, “okay, here’s someone who is looking for what you sell RIGHT NOW!  Do you want to connect with him?”  So of course you say “yes” and then Alexa says, “He seems pretty active on LinkedIn and you know the following people – John Smith, Anna Douglas and Jeremy Pivens.  Do you want to ask any of those people for a referral introductions?”  And of course you say, “Yes, ask Anna”.  Alexa asks Anna, Anna introduces you and voila, you have contact! 

Alexa has also been kind enough to send you a briefing on your lead and so you are ready to make contact.  You know what he wants, what matters to him, all that is left for you to do is to convey the specific value that your solution can bring to his life.  You send him over a personalized video with exactly what you can do for him and you can watch, in real time, as he reviews your content, gives you up-votes for the things he likes and draws sad faces on what he doesn’t.  Alexa tells you when he is finished reviewing your information so you can video conference him at that moment.  You chat for a few minutes, agree to terms and tell Alexa to send him a contract.  Plenty of time for more golf, swimming, sunning, or making more sales!

When you look at the future of technology in that light, it isn’t quite as scary.  It is pretty exciting really.  And the reality is, we are not far away from this reality.  Some of those tools exist today!

Technology, as it evolves will in fact eliminate some types of sales jobs.  Likely order takers will feel the first impact because it is easiest to replicate that repetitive function with bots.  But what our research has shown is that “consultative sellers” will actually see job growth in the next few years.  Consultative sellers are those people who are able to figure out how to add real business value to their prospect interactions.  

We take it one step further and suggest that you become an influencer – not only are you able to add real business value to interactions but you are able to influence someone to spend money.  Kind of an important last step!    

Learn more about becoming an Influencer salespeople by taking a spin around this website.  You can start by watching some new technology here – that explains how buyers are beginning to change.

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