Technology is a salesperson’s new BFF

Buyer's Spend Less Time with Sellers

A few years ago, buyers spent as much as 40% of their decision making process engaging salespeople.  Not any more.  Today, that number is closer to 17%.  We need to find different ways of getting in front our prospects.

Apps Can Help

We need to take some tools from our partners in marketing to learn to find better prospects, engage them early, position ourselves as valuable advisors and help our product stand apart from the rest.

The Result? Better Digital Relationships

Our job as sellers continues to be to build better relationships.  Successful sellers have learned to use technology to help build stronger digital relationships, as well as in person.  Go where your customers are.

What Kind of Apps Do We Share?

It depends on where our buyer is in the path to purchase.

When our buyer is in the dream phase, our strategy is to create awareness.  When our buyer is in the explore phase, our strategy is to be a valuable resource - not a salesperson.  One app we cover in great detail is LinkedIn.  How to use it more wisely to draw prospects to you.  How to grow your network.  How to share relevant content.  A second app we introduce in this phase is Doodly.  Doodly is an explainer video creation tool.

For every app we introduce, we train on the technical, how to functions.  But we also train on the strategic approach.  For example, anyone can learn to create a Doodly video, but how can you ensure you are creating value with your video?  The technology is fantastic, but only if used at the right time in the right way.

These two videos share several of the technology pieces we introduce in our program.  Please note, we update our apps constantly.  We are forever exploring the app universe look for apps that help us be more engaging, more efficient and make more of impact.

At the end of the program, we give all of our students access to our resources page. We update this page with the latest technology we have found so you will never be left behind again!


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