Two Day Facilitator Led Class

Two Day Facilitator Led Training Program - Influencer Sales

Our goal for our two day program is to introduce the concept of Influencer Sales and help our attendees begin to understand how to transition their sales activities from an order taker to a trusted advisor.  We will walk everyone through the new sales funnel (pictured above) and teach them how to apply different sales strategies depending on where their buyer is along his or her path to purchase.  Specifically we cover:

  • Prework - Creating buyer personas. Before you can influence, you need to have a clear idea of who your ideal customers are. In the prework, we share a ten minute video that explains the value of buyer personas. Additionally, we ask our participants to create a few buyer personas so that we will be able to build upon them throughout the two day workshop.
  • Dream - In the dream phase, buyers are just beginning to understand their own goals. Buyers in this phase may be a bride who has just gotten engaged, or a meeting planner who has just been given a new assignment. In this first step of the process, our goal is to create awareness and get our buyers to begin to question the status quo. One tool we use for this phase is Doodly. Here is a sample.
  • Explore - When our buyer enters the explore phase, our strategy is to share relevant content.  What does that mean in the digital age?  We share some useful apps that help them to identify great content for sellers to share - which helps to positions sellers as a valuable resource.  Direct selling while the prospect is in the explore phase is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made.
  • Inquire - Once a prospect reaches out to us, be fabulous, first and fearless. We give our attendees some tools to help them make a great first impression - fast. In this section we also cover story-telling. How to draw your prospects in. Here is a sample landing page made with a tool we cover called Spark Adobe.
  • Decide - Once our buyer enters the decision phase, our business communication skills needs to be clear, compelling and confident.  We help them build a strong case to present to prospects that will make their unique attributes clear. In this section, we focus a lot on improving our business writing skills in particular.
  • Experience - When you have won the business, what can the influencer salesperson do to continue to be a trusted resource and advisor? We share some easy technology to influencers communicate with in house guests to ensure their experience is delightful. We also focus on incorporating other departments to help capture images or videos of our customers.
  • Share - Once the buyer has finished experiencing your product, they can become extensions of your influencer sales departments. We share strategies and technology to turn your customers into advocates for you
  • Planning - All of our attendees leave the class with a solid action plan for implementing what they have learned.

Here is a sampling of two of the apps we share in our program.

Two Day Pricing

$7,500 for two days, for up to 20 participants. Does not include trainer travel.

Web Series - Influencer Sales

If your team is remote and getting everyone together for two days isn't practical, we also offer our Influencer Sales program as a 4 part web series. Four weeks, 90 minutes each week.

If you only have one or two sellers to train, every month we offer an open enrollment web series.

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